Property Flooding Information Summary

Lake Macquarie City Council's free Property Flooding Information Summary tool provides information about the flood hazard for a specified property (Lot) within the Lake Macquarie City Council area. If your property covers more than one Lot you will need to check each Lot individually. The highest flood level on any of the subject Lots applies.

Property Flooding Information Summary

A Property Flooding Information Summary provides information about the flood hazard for a specified property (Lot) within the Lake Macquarie City Council area. This information may be useful when assessing risk for building or planning, or for providing evidence to help reduce insurance premiums.

The Property Flooding Information Summary provided in the web tool should be used in conjunction with results emanating from the relevant flood study or risk management study/plan for the site-specific land, as well as adhering to criteria and guidelines in accordance with Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014 – Revision 27 Part 3 – Development within Residential Zones Adopted 9 August 2021 and specifically, Section 2.8 Catchment Flood Management; Section 2.9 Lake Flooding and Tidal Inundation (Incorporating Sea Level Rise) and Part 12 – Precinct Area Plans Dora Creek Township Flood Prone Land (see disclaimer below).

The summary provides details of the possible effects on the specified property from flooding, tidal inundation, and predicted sea level rises. Information is only available where Council has undertaken a detailed Flood Study and / or Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

For detailed, survey-verified flood and floor level information you can apply for a Flood Certificate or Flood / Tidal Inundation Certificate. A fee applies for this service. A Flood Certificate or Flood / Tidal Inundation Certificate provides flood and tidal risk information for a parcel of land affected by Lake Macquarie waterway flooding and sea level rise. It includes Council’s Flood Planning Level requirements, as well as detailed field survey results showing relative levels of the existing buildings and land.

Further information regarding development in flood-affected areas may be accessed at the following web link: Development in flood-affected areas - Lake Macquarie City Council.


This Property Flooding Information Summary provides general information only regarding possible flood levels affecting the Property, and is indicative only. It is based on the information held by Lake Macquarie City Council at the time of issue, and is issued subject to these Terms and Conditions. This Guide does not consider your particular circumstances, and is not a substitute for professional advice. Lake Macquarie City Council makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this certificate, and expressly disclaims any liability in relation to its use.

Page last updated: 17 January 2022